Disc Brake Pads

Asbestos Free Semi Metallic Disc Brake Pads

We manufacture automotive disc brake pads, asbestos free disc brake pads using premium quality material, modern manufacturing technology and are designed to provide maximum safety under all driving conditions and also formulated "NHV" in mind. The automotive disc brake pads are having consistent stopping power in server condition too. The "NAO" pads are:

End User Comfort
No Noise & Harshness
Consistent braking at quit drive to severe driving condition (Plain or Hill)
Pollution Free

We offer a Asbestos Free Semi Metallic Disc Brake Pads which is known for smooth operation. The size and proportions of the semi metallic disc brake pads are standardized and are fatigue and wear resistant. Our brake pads are made using premium quality material and are offered at industry leading prices.

Other Information

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Set

Industrial Brake Pads

Asbestos Free rigid Moulded higher friction ( FF ) Material, Possesses excellent Physical Strength – Cross Braking, Shear, Tensile & Rivet Holding than other non-Kevlar Moulded Material. It has excellent wear characteristics and is kind to mating surfaces.

Technical Data:

Density - 1.90 – 2.10 gms/cm3
Cross Breaking Strength - 40 – 60 N/mm2
Shear Strength - 40 – 60 N/mm2
Acetone Extraction - 0.75 – 2.0 %
Swelling in heat - 0.80 – 2.0 %
Classification – FF
Rockwell Hardness "L" Scale - 85 – 105
Continuous Operating Temperature - 200 C – 250 0C
Continuous Transient Temperature - 400 C – 500 0C

Other Information

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Piece

Non Asbestos Organic Disc Brake Pads

We offer a complete range of Non Asbestos Organic Disc Brake Pads to be used in the vehicles. With our state of art formulation and refined machinery, our range of organic disc brake pads is highly efficient and durable.. (due to Aramid fiber combination) Strong and robust, they minimize wear and generate better co-efficient of friction. Other Technical Data Sheets Are Available On Request.